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Milestone has its own production plants in Bangalore, equipped with the most modern and advanced equipment, including computer aided design and manufacturing systems, and conveyor lines. The production facilities are primarily oriented towards the execution of large scale projects which necessitate both a high level of organization and production. The production factories of Milestone have teams of technicians that constantly follow all phases of design and production programming, including the computerized control of work cycles to assure high quality products.


Finished and semi-finished products undergo rigorous lab tests and constant checks to guarantee elevated standards of quality. Granted these facilities, Milestone’s infrastructure rivals the best in the country as the company consciously upgrades its technology and processes to keep pace with trends in the national and international market. The company’s factories are equipped with state-of-the-art machinery which gives it an edge in the fast growing industry and allows it to deliver the very best to its clients.


Design Division

Production Centers

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