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We seek to design and build unique façades through the application of futuristic solutions like new construction systems, imaginative design and innovative materials and to constantly improve the quality of our façades to ensure top quality performance and aesthetics. At Milestone, we strive to provide quality workmanship with high safety standards, and to maintain the
highest level of professionalism, honesty and fairness in our relationships with our customers, employees and vendors.

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As our motto ‘partnering perfection’ goes, Milestone’s key asset lies in being able to associate with any enterprise geared towards perfecting the task at hand. More than just fulfilling a requirement, we seek to build a lasting relationship . The work etiquette at Milestone is quite bee-like as the company logo will have one believe, always humming with activity. The name in itself projects an obsession with work deadlines and stages that have to be completed to effect a smooth progression towards fulfilling the project requirements.


Milestone Aluminium (Pvt.) Ltd. is a Bangalore-based company within the highly competitive architectural façade industry. It started off with modest beginnings in 1989 as a contracting company for aluminium doors and windows and has risen to be one of the most dependable companies in the glazing field today. Having recognized and consistently adapted to the growing needs of the market, Milestone has emerged as a leading producer and supplier of all architectural requirements related to façade, glass, claddings, doors and windows for the construction industry.

The first design department at Milestone was established in the early 1990s and, thus, the latest in window and curtain-wall design was brought within the company’s growing range of services. Through this significant step towards cutting-edge technology, the company planned to bring the much sought-after aspects of quality and variety into the south Indian market. By 1997, this sustained endeavor to upgrade and improve upon its products and services eventually moved Milestone into the ‘private limited’ companies category.

Today, clients are offered end-to-end integrated services ranging from design and production to installation and maintenance. Milestone provides for the best customized solutions for architectural façade requirements in glass, metal, and more. In this process, it offers its clients the finest in structural analysis, and extrusion panel designs that are made to suit any architect’s idea of aesthetic and innovative design. The degree of complexity involved notwithstanding, the company has, time and again, proved its ability to translate the architect’s idea into tangible and time-tested reality.

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