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Milestone’s production units have an integrated system of design centers, production shop floors, panel cladding and glass division. Equipped with state-of-the-art machinery and managed by skilled workers, the company’s clients are thus assured of innovative products and services that adhere to international standards, and at competitive prices. The production center at Peenya, Bangalore, involves two factory units, the larger - called Unit I – occupying a total space of one and a half acres in all. This production unit is a four-storeyed complex complete with several divisions for the logical allocation of mass assembly, machining and production work being carried out at Milestone.


The smaller production unit – called Unit II – is essentially a back-up center for Unit I. All steel structural work involving Mild Steel (MS) and Galvanized Iron (GI) fabrication which are directly related to supporting the overall execution of given projects is conveniently carried out in Unit II. Over the years, these key production units have gone a long way towards making Milestone more self-reliant in its role as a process industry where basic raw materials like glass, aluminium etc. are still procured from outside.


Both production units at Milestone have the latest machineries for mass production of typical panels and which provides for high volumes. Crane facility in the factory is provided for lifting of heavy panels. For atypical jobs, copy milling machines are used to get the shape of the required  profile. For ACP fabrication, automatic panel saw for composite panel tray making, facilitates the production of over 200 panel trays in a day. Glass stacking, glass curing racks and movement trolleys constitute other production facilities available with Milestone.


The company also maintains separate stores, where a minimum weekly stock is always kept ready in order to avoid any delays in project completion. In transporting products to site locations, the company provides for separate dispatch teams suitably equipped with their own fleet of vehicles for safe and reliable shifting operations.




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