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As a major player in the curtain walling industry, Milestone develops advanced facade systems. R&D at Milestone is carried out not only for each job or tender but also in a systematic manner looking at all the aspects of an envelope design: structural, thermal, acoustic, day-lighting, energy, comfort. This research is executed by means of advanced modelling tools and/ or full scale test mock-ups. Mock-up tests undertaken by Milestone - which include the sustainability of proposed architectural envelopes under wind-load, wind-tunnel and seismic conditions - are carried out in world class testing centers.

Thus, facades developed at Milestone are modern in terms of acoustics, insulation, energy efficiency and UV filtration. R&D activity does not take place only at the research centers. It is also stimulated by studies carried out in collaboration with well-known architects during the design and engineering phases and the performance tests related to acquired contracts. In research and application of innovative eco-compatible technologies, Milestone collaborates with important national institutions, thus allowing for a constant information flow and sharing of experiences.




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