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The testing department related to Milestone conducts tests required for accessing the performance of Curtain Walling, Cladding, Windows and Door systems. The Management of Milestone is committed to good professional practice and ensures the quality of its testing to achieve customer satisfaction. The performance testing is carried out as per the requirements of the customer using the methods prescribed in the latest ASTM, BS and AAMA Standards.


All personnel concerned with testing within the laboratory are familiarized with the quality of documentation and implementation of the policies and procedures in their work. The testing department complies with ISO 17025 standards and NABL CRITERIA at all times to ensure the quality of testing. In testing, the company will encourage active participation of all employees in quality planning and continuous improvement efforts to meet all quality, service and cost objectives.


The various performance tests carried out include:

  • Laboratory Testing

  • Air Infiltration Test - ASTM E 283

  • Water Penetration Test ( Static ) - ASTM E 331

  • Water Penetration Test (Dynamic) - AAMA 501.1

  • Structural Test ( Wind load serviceability) - ASTM E 330

  • Seismic Racking Test ( Floor Displacement ) –AAMA 501.4

  • Structural Proof Load Test ( 150% ) - ASTM E 330

  • Seismic Proof Test (150-200%) - ASTM 501.4

  • Structural Test for Window Washer Tie Back

Prior to production the mockup testing is called for. The mockup drawings are reviewed and approved to ensure that all typical system details are covered for the test. Before testing, the mockup is checked in installed condition to confirm that the same is in line with the approved drawing. After the successful completion of the mockup test the necessary design changes will be called for and revision of the design changes will be reviewed by the company before the clearance is given for commencement of production




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