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Aluminium Composite Panel (ACP) Cladding


Composite Panel Cladding for intricate designs enhances appearance. It is fabricated into the trays and mounted onto the outer frame, which is in alignment with the glass. The Aluminium Composite Panel, fabricated to the required shape and size, is fixed on the wall (in case of wall claddings) using tubular profiles; or to the outer frame of structural glazing with fastening materials and hardware in line and level.

Tile Cladding


A build-up with the ventilated, insulated hanging clay tile facade makes it possible to create a construction physically and technically optimum wall. The tiles are secured to an aluminium substructure using fasteners (fixing clips) made from aluminium. All materials used are UV resistant, non-fading, resistant to frost, corrosion, salt water & other aggressive substances. This results in a long life and high cost-effectiveness of the tile facade. The clay tile facade is equally as well suited for residential buildings, office and administration buildings, public buildings as well as the refurbishment of old ones. With concrete slab structures, the facade allows the old building substance to dry out and thus prevents further corrosion.


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