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Structural Glazing

Milestone provides solutions for facades of different shapes and sizes. We offer two types of structural glazing.

Fully-Unitized Glazing System

Here, the glazed panels are fixed to the mainframe structure at the production floor. This whole unit is then dispatched to the site where they are lifted with cranes and installed directly without further alterations using fasteners.


Project Application: ITPL

Semi-Unitized Glazing System

The outer frame is first fabricated and dispatched to the site where it is mounted using fasteners. The glazed panels are then mechanically fastened on to the mainframe structure at site.

Project Application: Satyam, Wipro and others

Canopy Glazing


Here the glass is constructed on to external frames made of stainless steel or MS frame cladded with Aluminium Composite Panel. The glass is held on firmly using Spider Fittings and Guy Wires.

Shop-front Glazing


The glass facades are constructed on the external face of a building to offer optimum vision. The glass is held by U channels at the top and bottom, and sealant is applied in the glass to glass joints. This type of glazing is usually used for shop windows on the ground floor as it allows a clear view of the display. The surrounding structure can absorb thermal expansion and seismic movements. The U channel can be replaced by patch fittings, if desired.

Spider Glazing


Frameless glazing offers unobstructed vision. It is a highly durable option that requires low maintenance. The glass panels are directly fitted on to the opening with the help of spider, patch or other fittings. These are designed to maximize stability and flexibility to suit different site conditions, as well as ease of installation and aesthetic appeal. This allows for the glass facades to be constructed onto the external face of a building thereby creating an illusion of space. The unique support systems employed through the usage of glass fins or high tensile steel rods, offers aesthetic, flexible facade design allowing minimum profile and vast glass area for optimal finish. This technology facilitates the transfer of wind load to surrounding structures and the absorption of thermal expansion and seismic movements too. The glass panels are held together by stainless steel spiders, hence the name, spider glazing.


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