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Fixed / Operable Sliding Windows and Doors | Automatic Door

Fixed / Operable Sliding Windows and Doors


Fixed/ Operable windows are light, strong and durable. Each unit is constructed with hollow, tubular aluminium profiles extruded with the finest alloys and include quality hardware like corner connector, reversible pressure plug, hinges, double protected hollow EPDM rubber gasket barriers, imported locks and handles. Windows and doors meet international standards in terms of structural stability, performance, operations, maintenance etc. They are available in both powder-coated and anodized finish. Standard sliding windows are two or three track. In addition Milestone has developed a patented design of a multiple shutter sliding mechanism that optimizes structural stability, air and water tightness and smooth sliding which requires almost no maintenance.

Automatic Door


The glass facades are constructed on the external face of a building to offer optimum vision. The glass is held by U channels at the top and bottom, and sealant is applied in the glass to glass joints. This type of glazing is usually used for shop windows on the ground floor as it allows a clear view of the display. The surrounding structure can absorb thermal expansion and seismic movements. The U channel can be replaced by patch fittings, if desired.


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