Tata New Haven


It is one of the first double skin facades in Bangalore. The perforated panel is suspended in the air, and is connected to our unitised glazing system at a distance of 1m, it was indeed a challenge to develop this engineering system, we made about 4-5 engineering prototypes and tested them, finally the 6th mock up met all the standards and we executed it, meeting the quality standards of TATA.


Client: TATA Housing Ltd
Location: Bengaluru
Surface Area: 2500 sqm
Completed: 2017
Value: 2.5 Cr
Architect: Kembhavi Architecture Foundation
Façade Consultant: Engineering Design by Milestone
Scope of work: 1. Unitised glazing
2. Perforated second skin
3. Shop front glazing
4. Aluminium doors


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