SJR Primeco Towers


The project has several innovative design components like fins, podium, skylights, canopies etc. We had to develop special dyes for each item and test each prototype for approval, and finally executed it to the satisfaction of the Client and Architects.


Client: SJR Prime Corporation Pvt Ltd
Location: Bengaluru
Surface Area: 16500 sqm
Completed: 2021
Value: 20 Cr
Architect: Thomas Associates Architects
Façade Consultant: Engineering Design by Milestone
Scope of work: 1. Unitized glazing
2. ACP cladding
3. Fins
4. Semi unitized glazing
5. Entrance spider glazing
6. Skylight
7. Podium
8. Canopies
9. Fundermax claddings
10. Railings
11. Internal glazings
12. Curved frameless glazing


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